BitLimitTweaks - Specific tweaks to the game intended for BitLimit PS01 / only attainable through code.
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Tweaks - Specific tweaks to the game intended for BitLimit PS* / only attainable through code.


Created by Kolin Krewinkel, an iOS developer from California.
Developed for the BitLimit community, a top-notch Minecraft community created by Coestar.


  • Sunny periods last for twice as long, rain maintains normal duration (weather).
  • TNT can only be placed by owners of all WorldGuard regions at a location
  • Slime spawning is now reduced, randomly preventing slime spawns to reduce annoyances.
  • All tweaks are live togglable by either permissioned players or the console, without a reload.
  • Error catching and intuitive command guidance when running the /tweaks * family.

Commands (Player/Console)

  • /tweaks
    Returns list of potential commands.

  • /tweaks (TNT/tnt|slimes|weather) Returns the current state of the passed tweak. Defined in config.yml under enabled-*.

  • /tweaks (TNT/tnt|slimes|weather) state
    Accepts any case of yes/no, and any form of *able and its past participle.


Permission node: tweaks.\, defaults to op*.
All noticeably alter game-play, and thus are recommended to be handled under the same permission node as I've done.


Tweaks is licensed under the MIT License.