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The code repository where ninjas are prototyped for the ninja game @
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Ninjawars repository Build Status

The source code dojo for the web game.


Clone this repository

git clone

Install system dependencies cd /srv/ninjawars sudo bash /srv/ninjawars/scripts/build/

Update an out-of-date but already installed instance's system/composer libraries:

cd /srv/ninjawars
sudo bash /srv/ninjawars/scripts/build/

Sync the database with latest info: cd /srv/ninjawars ./scripts/sync

Install the test environment with:

cd /srv/ninjawars
sudo bash /srv/ninjawars/scripts/build/

Then you can run the tests at any point with:



You can make web commits on, just search github for "ninjawars". To contribute on github: For simple contribution/collaboration: -Find the file or code that you want to suggest a fix for, and make a comment with the fixed code, or just the general process to acheive the fix.

For more in-depth contribution/collaboration:

-Make an account on github & log in. -Click the button on the ninjawars repository to create your own "fork" of the ninjawars code. -Find any files you want to change and click the "edit" link to edit your version directly. -When you're ready, send me a message or hit the "pull request" button on this ninjawars repository to request that your changes get pulled back in to the main ninjawars code.

For non-web-based contribution:

Download the ninjawars source code, change files, and send the changed text to us,, we'll try to incorporate the changes on our side appropriately.

Full Contribution:

Learning how to use the git app on your local machine is highly recommended for any programmer or webdesigner, though there's a high initial learning curve. My recommendation, especially if you're running windows, is to try setting up git-tortoise as a really simple solution for starting to harness git's power. Of course, you can also always just use github's web interface to contribute patches, though that won't be as clean on our end.


For licensing information (Creative Commons License) read the ninjawars/deploy/www/staff.php html file or browse to staff.php.

Talk about development on the forum at:

Ninjawars code breakdown on ohloh:

A git cheatsheet:

A guide to using git on windows:

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