A platform for agriculture smart contracts based on the NEO blockchain.
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BitMari Smart Farm Contracts

MIT licensed

A platform for agriculture smart contracts based on the NEO blockchain . BitMari is building an infrastructure to support smart contracts in agriculture as well as lower barrier for developers to code blockchain smart contracts. This comes after over 2 years of research work and working with women farmers in Zimbabwe, Africa.

Proposed system architecture

BitMari Smart Farm Contracts

Demo Farm Project Listing UI

Getting Started

To test develop and deploy your NEO python smart contracts on your local machine you will have to setup the environment by following the tutorial link below. This will setup a private network of the neo blockchain and a wallet with NEO and GAS to test with.


  1. NEO Dev Environment Setup Tutorial
  2. NEO Smart Contracts Tutorial: Creating your first helloWorld


Compiling the contract into an .avm file

build smartContracts/helloWorld.py

Importing the contract .avm file

import contract ./smartContracts/helloWorld.avm "" 01 False False

Invoking the contract

contract search CONTRACT_NAME

In our case contract search helloWorld

Run a testinvoke on the contract testinvoke CONTRACT_HASH


Press Release


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.


@nickfujita for NEO Setup Tutorials