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[Archive] Simple lua script to print basic party stats in Pokemon Crystal
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A simple lua script which returns the basic stats of your pokemon in Pokemon Crystal and saves it to a file ('stats.txt').

Sample Output
TOTODILE, HP: 27/29, Lvl: 9
PIDGEY, HP: 4/15, Lvl: 3
A_Nickname, HP: 5/20, Lvl: 5

Important: The script can transcode all available letters from the English game, including special characters (?, _, !, ...). However: The two Pokemon specific symbols are no ASCII characters, hence replaced with 'Pk' and 'Mn' in the script.

Tools you need

The script is designed to work on VBA-RR. You can find it here:

  1. Download the src folder
  2. Open VBA-RR and start the game
  3. In VBA-RR navigate to Tools > Lua Scripting > New Lua Scripting Window ...
  4. A new window pops up. Use it to browse to the location of the script files.
  5. Select 'main.lua'
  6. Hit Run

The 'stats.txt' file will be located in the /out folder.


I discontinued the development around 2 years ago. Only archiving it on Github.

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