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Practice codes for Super Mario Sunshine speedruns
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This repository contains practice codes for Super Mario Sunshine. More Info can be found here:

You can find the gecko codes and GCT cheatfiles under bin/. You can generate your own cheatfiles for most codes here:

List of codes

File Description Version
Air_Pause Allows pausing mid-air all
Disable_Blue_Coin_Flag Prevents the game from setting the blue coin flag, which makes them respawn after reentering the level all
DPad_Functions Save state and dialog skip toggle, Switch Nozzles in combination with B all
Fast Any% Loads stages in Any% order all
FMV_Skips Allows to skip all FMVs without having to watch them first all
Free_Pause Allows pausing mid-air, during cutscenes and activates 'Exit Area' on Plaza all
Ingame_Timer Ingame Timer (includes own level select, deprecated) all
Infinite_Lives Locks life count at 99 all
Level_Select Allows to enter levels via exit stage or file select all
Shine_Get_Timer Ingame Timer starting on level load and ending on the shine get animation (requires Level Select) all
Shine_Touch_Timer Ingame Timer starting on level load and ending on shine touch (requires Level Select) all
Mute_BGM Mutes background music (sets volume to 0) all
Replace_Episode_Names_With_ID Replaces episode names with the episode number during the demo all
Stage_Randomizer Loads stages in randomized order NTSC-U


Open a Pull request or message me at or via Discord (psychonauter#6318) to receive collaborator status or to add code.


The following people/collectives contributed directly or indirectly to the codes in this repository:

Button combinations for Level Select

Button combinations

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