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D-32 Disabled SDStatusBarManager
Causes problems when submitting to ITC,  although it should only be included in Debug. So I commented out the calls in the source & the pod. If you have to create screenshots with a clean status bar, just include the pod again :)
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BitStore is a simple and fast native iOS Bitcoin wallet.
It offers all the features you want but still provides an easy to use interface.
Private keys are generated on the device and stored securely in the Keychain.

AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bitstore/id890668158?ls=1&mt=8
Website:: http://bitstoreapp.com
Twitter:: https://twitter.com/BitStoreApp



API Keys are managed with cocoapods-keys.
You will need to add API keys for Chain.com (required) and Plesk analytics (optional):

pod keys set "Chain" "key" BitStore
pod keys set "Analytics" "key" BitStore

Open BitStore.xcworkspace.
You will see three schemas:

  • BitStore (will use the production server)
  • BitStore-Test (will use the test server & color the app red)
  • Tests (Unit xctest)

On the test server the stripe test servers will be used and only 0.0001 / 0.0002 / 0.0005 / 0.001 BTC will be transfered. Also the developer profile will be used for the APNs. Phone verification is skipped on the test server.


Production bitstoreapp.com (
Test test.bitstoreapp.com (

Code Style


  • Method braces on same line
  • Tabs
  • Pointer * by the type no variable name (NSString* name)
  • xcode file structure should match the local file system
  • use l10n for localized strings, add them manually to the strings file


The idea is to use listeners on most UI elements. So if the currency changes, all labels update. If the address data changes, all views are updated. With tableviews we just reload the hole table. At the moment there's no problem doing that, as we don't have huge tables.

Listeners don't have to be removed. As soon as the registered object becomes deallocated it will be removed.


The user can own multiple addresses. A contact is also considered an address. The address object updates itself and notifies it's listeners.


To get the current BTC / CUR exchange rate or the current selected currency, the ExchangeHelper will provide a listener registration method. The exchange also contains the selected unit.

Http requests

If you do any networking, use RequestHelper. Modify if it doesn't suit your needs.


JobHelper makes it easy to add http requests that have to be performed successfully, but not immediatly. This is now used for registering to the push service or the unit change.