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The ultimate subdomain monitorization framework
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The ultimate subdomain monitorization framework

Subdomain monitoring framework inspired by subalert project

Setting up the environment

You need:

  • Python 2.7.16
  • Linux server e.g(Amanzon EC2) [64bit]

Before we start you need to install the requirements

$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

After installing the requirements now you're ready to go


This tool requires a slack workspace to report the findings

You need to edit the config/default.json

		"slack_channel":"change this to your channel id",
		"slack_token":"change this to your bot user Oauth token",

For more informations visit:

$ python -w,
$ python -w watch_targets.txt

if everything is configured currectly to should see this message on your slack channel

Monitorizer supports more than one subdomain enumeration tool to achieve the best result

scanners = [
	aiodnsbrute, # (need to be installed)
	subfinder,   # (included)
	sublist3r,   # (included)
	dnsrecon,    # (included)
	dnscan,      # (included)
	subbrute,    # (included)
	amass,       # (included)

command lines can be found at config/default.json

How to run

As the script runs once everyday to need to host it on a running linux server

$ ssh
$ ls
$ cd Monitorizer
$ screen -dmS monitorizer bash -c 'python -w targets.txt'


1.0: untracked
1.1: untracked
  - Added: New events system  
  - Added: Support for masscan
  - Improved: Slack reporting system 


  • Windows support
  • Multithreading support
  • Adding more scanners
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