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BitBrackets is a platform to build prediction pools for sporting events with your friends and family. It is secured by Smart Contracts in the Ethereum blockchain.

Anybody can create a pool, invite players. Players send a prediction before the sporting event starts. The predictions are saved in the Blockchain and later when the results from the event come in, the smart contracts verify predictions against results and whoever has the higher score wins the pool.

Currently the MVP is mainly design for the upcoming soccer World Cup but the platform could support any sporting event pool in the future.

Download truffle v4.1.0 or up from here

npm install -g truffle

Download Ganache client

  • Quick summary Repository for BitBrackets Smart Contracts repositories 0.0.1
  • Using Solium for Linter Solidity
  • Project uses Open Zepellin Contracts

How do I get set up?

Working with Truffle

cd into your working directory. From there, you can run truffle compile, truffle migrate and truffle test to compile your contracts, deploy those contracts to the network, and run their associated unit tests.

How to run tests

truffle test

Deployment instructions

  • Download and install Geth (

  • The folder ./private_network contains all the data and commands for the private network.

  • 1 - Configure your Private Network

    • Run the file 1_config located in private_network folder.
  • 2 - Start Geth

    • Run the file 2_start_geth located in private_network folder.
  • 3 - Attach Geth to your Private Network

In order to can deploy our smart contract into Geth, we need to start mining in our private network. To do that, first we need to create an account and unlock it following these steps.

  • In a new console run the file 3_attach_geth located in private_network folder.
    • It will show you a Geth Console with > prompted.
      • You need to create a new account typing personal.newAccount() command. It will ask you for a password. Or you can type personal.newAccount("password") command.
      • Once you press enter and type the password, it will show you your new address.
      • Now we have to unlock the new account, in order to mine in our private network. To do so, type the personal.unlockAccount(eth.accounts[0]) command. It will ask you the password you wrote before.
      • Finally, we can start mining. Type: miner.start(1). After that you will see the message Update mining threads in the first console we opened.
  • The last step is deploy our contracts. Now we need to open a new console, and type truffle migrate --reset --network geth.

Deployment to Testnets or Mainnet

In order to can deploy the smart contracts to testnets (Rinkeby, Kovan, or Ropsten), mainnet, or infura net using the Infura service, you need to configure some parameters.

To do that, it needs to create a .env file in the root folder with some key/values.

MNEMONIC_KEY="mnemonic 12 phrases"

The optional key/values are:


If some of them are not defined in .env, the process will take those values by default.

How get JSON sample with events info.

To generate events data, you need to run that file using the command line:

truffle test ./test/ContestPoolFactoryCreateEventsDataTest.js

After executing the test, it will create an events.json file in the root folder. That file will contains all events data.

Contribution guidelines

  • Writing tests
  • Code review
  • Other guidelines

Who do I talk to?