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@jasonbcox jasonbcox released this
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Bitcoin ABC version 0.21.11 is now available from:

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • Upgrade minimum supported boost version to 1.59

Deprecated or removed RPCs

  • The wallet's generate RPC method was deprecated in v0.21.5 and has now
    been fully removed. This RPC is only used for
    testing, but its implementation reached across multiple subsystems
    (wallet and mining), so it has been removed to simplify the
    wallet-node interface. Projects that are using generate for testing
    purposes should transition to using the generatetoaddress RPC, which
    does not require or use the wallet component. Calling
    generatetoaddress with an address returned by the getnewaddress
    RPC gives the same functionality as the old generate RPC.