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# Downloading the wallet
echo 'Downloading and extract wallet files'
wget "" -O - | tar -xz
# Extract the files and give executable permissions
echo 'Copying files to home directory'
cp bitcoinc-1.0.3/bin/bitcoincd ~/
cp bitcoinc-1.0.3/bin/bitcoinc-cli ~/
chmod a+x ~/bitcoincd ~/bitcoinc-cli
# Create wallet directory and set to run when windows is closed.
mkdir ~/.bitcoinc
echo 'daemon=1' > ~/.bitcoinc/bitcoinc.conf
# Start Wallet
./bitcoincd && sleep 5
# Create a wallet from mnemonic. (required for 1.0.1+ wallets.)
./bitcoinc-cli extkeyimportmaster "$(./bitcoinc-cli mnemonic new | grep mnemonic | sed -e 's/.*: "//' -e 's/",//')"
echo 'Use this stake address on your local node to start staking.'
./bitcoinc-cli getnewstakeaddress
echo 'Enabling staking.'
./bitcoinc-cli walletsettings stakingstatus true
# Create a shortcut on system - Unhash if desired
#echo 'Creating symbol link'
#ln -sf ~/bitcoinc-1.0.3/bin/bitcoincd /usr/bin/bitcoincd
#ln -sf ~/bitcoinc-1.0.3/bin/bitcoinc-cli /usr/bin/bitcoinc-cli
echo 'Installation finished.'
echo 'To stop wallet ./bitcoinc-cli stop'
echo 'To start ./bitcoincd && sleep 5 && ./bitcoinc-cli walletsettings stakingstatus true'