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Deprecation Warning

This repo is currently unmaintained

We are working on a more user-friendly way to submit token icons, including on token creation at

Status quo


  • will have an open-source repo where pretty much anything goes; it will be possible to submit to this repo when creating a token at
  • We'll have a whitelist repo that's a subset of the pretty-much-anything-goes repo
  • Wallets and apps can choose either/or

Bitcoin Cash Token Icons

This project contains Bitcon Cash token icons in 4 sizes. Completely free. All we ask is that you don’t claim them as your own, and share this resource with others.

Images are in the PNG format (transparent) in 32×32, 32×32 (2x), and 128×128 variants, along with SVG versions. Each token has a name, symbol and tokenId listed in manfest.json.

There's also a generic icon that can be used for cryptocurrencies missing an icon here.

If there is a token you’re looking for that hasn’t been included, please create a new pull-request and add it. Please include your icon in the 3 sizes mentioned above and add your token's name, symbol and tokenId to manfest.json

Install 🚀

$ npm install bch-token-icons --save

You can then import the icons from ./node_modules/bch-token-icons, for example ./node_modules/bch-token-icons/svg/icon/bch.svg.

There's also a manifest.json file included in the package with a list of the currency symbol and name of the icons.


A set of icons for all the main Bitcoin Cash tokens, in a range of styles and sizes.




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