BitDB Web API Microservice
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Bitdb Microservice

An API Endpoint + Web Query UI for BitDB

How it works

This project contains:

  1. BitDB Microservice API Endpoint: An HTTP API Endpoint to your BitDB
  2. BitDB Query Web UI: As seen in

1. BitDB Microservice API Endpoint

Make HTTP requests to your bitdb node


2. BitDB Query Web UI

Makes use of the API endpoint to render the query UI



You must have the following installed.

  1. Bitcoin Full Node: Any BCH node implementation
  2. Bitdb Node: Bitdb is a universal bitcoin database that autonomously synchronizes with Bitcoin


Step 1. Clone this repository

git clone

Step 2. Install Dependencies

npm install

Step 3. Install node-jq binary

cd node_modules/node-jq
npm run install-binary

Step 4. Run

npm start


You can configure the service through bitserve.json


  "query": {
    "v": 3,
    "q": { "find": {}, "limit": 10 }
  "port": 3000,
  "url": "mongodb://localhost:27017",
  "timeout": 30000,
  "log": false,

Here's what each attribute represents:

  • query: The default bitdb query to show up when you navigate to /explorer web UI
  • port: web service port
  • url: Mongodb URL that hosts BitDB.
  • timeout: default timeout for all query requests
  • log: true to see request and response logs, false to hide logs