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import { Script, Crypto } from 'bitbox-sdk';
import { ECPair } from 'bitcoincashjs-lib';
export class PriceOracle {
constructor(public keypair: ECPair) {}
// Encode a blockHeight and bchUsdPrice into a byte sequence of 8 bytes (4 bytes per value)
createMessage(blockHeight: number, bchUsdPrice: number): Buffer {
const lhs: Buffer = Buffer.alloc(4, 0);
const rhs: Buffer = Buffer.alloc(4, 0);
new Script().encodeNumber(blockHeight).copy(lhs);
new Script().encodeNumber(bchUsdPrice).copy(rhs);
return Buffer.concat([lhs, rhs]);
signMessage(message: Buffer): Buffer {
return this.keypair.sign(new Crypto().sha256(message)).toDER();
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