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// This contract forces HODLing until a certain price target has been reached
// A minimum block is provided to ensure that oracle price entries from before this block are disregarded
// i.e. when the BCH price was $1000 in the past, an oracle entry with the old block number and price can not be used.
// Instead, a message with a block number and price from after the minBlock needs to be passed.
// This contract serves as a simple example for checkDataSig-based contracts.
contract HodlVault(
pubkey ownerPk,
pubkey oraclePk,
int minBlock,
int priceTarget
) {
function spend(sig ownerSig, datasig oracleSig, bytes oracleMessage) {
// message: { blockheight, price }
int blockHeight = int(oracleMessage.split(4)[0]);
int price = int(oracleMessage.split(4)[1]);
// Check that blockHeight is after minBlock and not in the future
require(blockHeight >= minBlock);
require(tx.time >= blockHeight);
// Check that current price is at least priceTarget
require(price >= priceTarget);
// Handle necessary signature checks
require(checkDataSig(oracleSig, oracleMessage, oraclePk));
require(checkSig(ownerSig, ownerPk));
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