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Dogecoin SPV node


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A simple spv node for Dogecoin.

See Documentation

Development (regtest)

You will need docker installed.

Build the docker image:

$ make build-regtest

Start the docker container:

$ make regtest

Restart the container (in case you stopped the container and want to continue development):

$ make restart

Generate 5 blocks:

$ make generate count=5

Start the spvnoce in regtest mode:

NETWORK=regtest npm start

Development in Testnet Network

NETWORK=testnet npm start

See debug log

tail -f stdout.log


Run the doucmentation server locally

$ npm run docs:dev

Build the documentation

$ npm run docs:build


bad-txns-inputs-spent 12

Sometime freshly collecty inputs won't work. Just wait a bit for some new blocks...