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Fork of Bitcoin Green + Zerocoin Protocol
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BitcoinGenX is a fork of Bitcoin Green however customized to have Zerocoin Protocol as well as Green Protocol ( that forked Dash that forked Bitcoin

BitcoinGenX Core integration/staging repository

BitcoinGenX is a sister coin of GenesisX and isn't connected to any of the GenesisX projects however both projects will work together and benefit eachother is various ways such as financially funding developments on either project and giving eachother a bit of guidance.

BitcoinGenX forked Bitcoin Green so inherits the Green Protocol which is a highly efficient Masternode/Proof-of-Stake algorithm developed to improve Bitcoin’s scalability and stability. However by the end of January 2019 we will also have Zerocoin implemented to promote private transactions and increase anonymity on our blockchain.

-The Green Protocol which BitcoinGenX inherited is Bitcoin Greens smart solution, and operates via three clear and democratic processes. First of all, proof-of-stake and masternode only mining, this means that mining is both energy efficient and profitable. Next, combination with fixed block reward. This means that the inflation of BGX, directly flows back into the value of BGX coin holders, in proportion with their current stake. This means coin holders actually make the most from the currency, not third party miners as we see with Bitcoin. Finally, a fair distribution. This is a democratised and eco friendly process, that ensures all members of the community have incentives within improving the network via clean technology.

-When sending BitcoinGenX Zerocoins, the process works exactly like Bitcoin, with transactions recorded in a public ledger. However, the Zerocoin protocol involves destroying your BitcoinGenX to mint a BitcoinGenX Zerocoin. Zerocoins are new coins with no transaction history. “You can think of the Zerocoin layer as a form of coin laundry where you will put in your existing ‘dirty‘ coins (that have a long transaction history) and then redeem new ‘clean‘ coins that appear to be brand new and have no prior transaction history.” You are then able to use the Zerocoins in a spend transaction, which converts the BitcoinGenX Zerocoins back into the normal BitcoinGenX. With many people minting Zerocoins, it will not be obvious who the spent Zerocoins came from, thus preserving your anonymity.

Coin Specs

Consensus AlgorithmPoS + zPoS Hybrid
Block Time60 Seconds
Mature Time6 hours
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase)500,050 BGX
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase)5,000,000 BGX
Premine500,000 BGX

Reward Distribution

PoS Rewards Breakdown

PoW Phase
Block HeightReward AmountNotesDuration (Days)
1500,000 BGXInitial Premine0 Days
2-5000.1 BGXTest Mining Approx 0 Days
PhaseBlock HeightRewardMasternodesStakers
Phase 10-5000.1 BGX60% (0.06 BGX)40% (0.04 BGX)
Phase 2501-200000.1 BGX60% (0.06 BGX)40% (0.04 BGX)
Phase 320001-1000000.5 BGX60% (0.3 BGX)40% (0.2 BGX)
Phase 4100001-2000000.75 BGX60% (0.45 BGX)40% (0.3 BGX)
Phase 5200001-5000001 BGX60% (0.6 BGX)40% (10.4 BGX)
Phase 6500001-10000000.75 BGX60% (0.45 BGX)40% (0.3 BGX)
Phase 71000001-20000000.5 BGX60% (0.3 BGX)40% (0.2 BGX)
Phase 82000001-30000000.25 BGX60% (0.15 BGX)40% (0.1 BGX)
Phase 93000001-MAX0.1 BGX60% (0.06 BGX)40% (0.04 BGX)
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