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BUIP163: Ongoing Publication Grant to the Journal Ledger
Raised by Andrew Clifford
Submitted: 2020-12-05
Status: passed


In 2015, the journal Ledger became the first periodical launched for academic research in cryptocurrency with a focus on Bitcoin technology. Ledger aims to encourage greater involvement by academics in cryptocurrency and foster a culture of rigorous analysis and peer-review within the Bitcoin community and the wider blockchain and cryptographic fields. There are annual issues: (Vol 1. 2016, Vol 2. 2017, Vol 3. 2018, Vol 4. 2019, Vol 5. 2020).

Ledger cover Vol 1


Bitcoin Unlimited provides Bitcoin full-node software, but also has a long-term research and development role, actively prototyping a variety of improvements to its full-node suite for associated business-use functionality and high-volume scalability. So, support for Ledger journal is a good fit with B.U.'s R&D work.

B.U. has been one of two funding contributors from the start with BUIP046. However, this funding is completed. In order to help secure the journal's future, it requires ongoing funding. Aims for the future include a regular newsletter, improved journal presentation, website revamp, increased frequency of output to 6 monthly or even quarterly. The University of Pittsburghi publishes the Ledger journal via the University Library System. However, B.U. should mirror the Ledger archive, bringing more Bitcoin information to one place.


$18,000 per annum until changed or cancelled by another BUIP.