Assets 2

This is a major release version based of Bitcoin Unlimited compatible with the Bitcoin Cash specifications you could find here:

A subsequent release containing the implementation of the November 2018 specification will be released soon after this one.

List of notable changes and fixes to the code base:

  • Graphene Relay: A protocol for efficiently relaying blocks across a blockchain's network (experimental, turned off by default, set use-grapheneblocks=1 to turn it on)
  • blocksdb: Add leveldb as an alternative storage method for blocks and undo data (experimental, on-disk blocksdb data formats may change in subsequent releases, turned off by default)
  • Double Spend Relaying
  • BIP 135: Generalized version bits voting
  • clean up shadowing/thread clang warn
  • Update depends libraries
  • Rework of the Bitcoin fuzzer command line driver tool
  • Add stand alone cpu miner to the set of binaries (useful to showcase the new mining RPC calls, provides a template for development of mining pool software, and is valuable for regtest/testnet mining)
  • Cashlib: create a shared library to make creating wallets easier (experimental, this library factors useful functionality out of bitcoind into a separate shared library that is callable from higher level languages. Currently supports transaction signing, additional functionality TBD)
  • Improve QA machinery (travis mainly)
  • Port Hierarchical Deterministic wallet (BIP 32)
  • add space-efficient mining RPC calls that send only the block header, coinbase transaction, and merkle branch: getminingcandidate, submitminingsolution