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What is it for?

This is a collection of demonstrations showing how to integrate our Exchange API into an external service.

How to use it?

You will need yarn. Please follow to install it.

After install all dependencies with yarn install.

Execute yarn serve to use the application at http://localhost:8080.


Even though yarn test is available, our test server resides in a private network, so it will not work as-is. Feel free but be very cautious to modify the target url in the package.json file and the tests themselves with valid, real world information. Due to rate limiting you may be banned or limited based on your usage.

The purpose of the tests is to make sure our clients' API usage is synchronized with our servers'. Additionally they provide a no-frills, code-only view of our API usage.


BITY_URL can be passed as an environment variable to change the root of the URL.

For example: BITY_URL="" yarn test

Note: This does not affect yarn serve. Change it in src/urls.js directly.

Where to find additional documentation? is where you can find additional information regarding our APIs.

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