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BitZeny 2.0.2 reindex files for Windows

About this tool

  1. Check if latest bitzeny-qt / bitzenyd (v2.0.2) is installed
  2. bitzeny-qt / bitzenyd automatically runs with "-reindex-chainstate"

That's ALL.

What for?

For synchronizing the latest blockchain index "without downloading from 0 block".

What to use

  • bitzeny-qt for Windows (GUI)
  1. Download ""
  2. Unzip ""
  3. Please click "BitZeny2.0.2-QT_reindex_win64" shortcut
  4. If bitzeny-qt does not start,please click "BitZeny2.0.2-QT_reindex_win32" shortcut
  5. If bitzeny-qt does not start up, you may have installed qt in a folder different from the default.Please edit the shortcut ;)
  • bitzenyd for Windows (CLI)
  1. Download ""
  2. Unzip ""
  3. Copy "v202reindex.bat" to "bitzeny-qt" installed folder.
  4. Open cmd.exe
  5. "cd" to "bitzeny-qt" installed folder on CLI.
  6. run "v202reindex.bat"

Trouble shooting

  • "" can not download on Google Chrome.

Note that "how to manually create shortcuts."

  1. Create shortcut to coin-qt.exe on disktop
  2. right-click and probaty -> Link -> check text
  3. add "-reindex-chainstate"
    [For example:]
    "C:\Program Files\BitZeny\bitzeny-qt.exe"
    change to
    "C:\Program Files\BitZeny\bitzeny-qt.exe" -reindex-chainstate

  4. Click "OK" and click shortcut icon.