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Development of hCraft has been stopped. In place of hCraft, development of a newer and (eventually) better custom server has begun - hCraft 2!

What is hCraft?

hCraft is a custom implementation of a Minecraft server, currently supprting the 4th revision of the new protocol (version 1.7.2). hCraft strives to be fast, customizable and easy to use.


The currently implemented features are:

  • IRC support!
  • MySQL* integration (used to be SQLite).
  • Authentication and encryption are supported.
  • Worlds can be loaded from/saved to an experimental world format (HWv1) - a compact single-file world container.
  • Zones - separate build\enterance\leave permissions, enter and leave messages
  • can be set for any zone in a world.
  • Players can easily switch between worlds using the /w command (Multiworld!).
  • A permissions-like rank system.
  • Custom physics (still very experimental)! The current implementation can handle around 50,000 falling sand blocks (with 4 physics threads). Custom block mechanics can be easily added.
  • Custom world generation - currently featuring an experimental world generator that supports 10 biomes, other generators include include "plains", "flatgrass", "flatplains" and "overhang" (amazing overhangs!) (more will be added in the future).
  • Selections: Players can "select" areas using the implemented selections commands (/select), and then subsequently fill them with any block (or manipulate them in some way).
  • Block tracking, players may use /whodid to check who modified certain blocks.
  • An /undo command that lets the user undo block changes made by any player!
  • Portals! (World to world portals are supported)
  • World ownership\membership - Owners/members may be configured for every world.



hCraft now uses CMake to automaticly configure all the paths and dependencies it is no longer required to edit the build files, just follow the above directions.

To build hCraft, you will need a C++11-compatible compiler and a working copy of CMake. Change to the directory that contains hCraft, and invoke (on Linux) cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release to generate a makefile, and then proceed by typing make. After compilation has ended, the executable could then be found inside the newly created build directory.



hCraft's IRC channel can be found in irc.panicirc.net/6667, #hCraft.


hCraft is released under GNU's general public license (GPLv3), more information can be found here.