Intelligent connections firewall + attack mitigation
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Bitcoin Firewall 1.1 (Whitepaper) [BATA].pdf
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Bitcoin Firewall

World's first implementation of connections firewall & intelligent attack detection

Version 1.2.3 (Core 10) - October 14, 2017

Bitcoin Firewall uses a very unique method for detecting potential hard-fork attacks coupled with specific block chain DDoS flooding. All connected nodes/peers are examined by the amount of data they're sending or receiving regardless of the algorithm or block validity. A deeper analysis is then used to verify their blockchain start & sync height and bandwidth use is within safe limits; The average among all peers connected. Range based blockchain checkpoints that use averages of live blockchain sizes further enhance security by limiting potential attacks known as >51% of distributed hashing power (double-spend, Sybil attack)

Security Protection

  • Average Dynamic Blockheight Checkpoints
  • Network Flooding
  • Double-Spend & >51% mining attack
  • RPC & Configuration

Proof of concepts

  • Bata (BTA)
  • Profit Hunters Coin (PHC)

Contribute to development

  • BTC: 13r6DgED9njYMPuSSibxpPgy4WaFeHZ4TH
  • LTC: LfTwLspXKxT1qq1vVaGQ4rtgVGhdvdCT34
  • DASH: XpzerV79Wsp5UDVAv9fceTBUePiHVCmnJq
  • BTA: B4nRtAFn2Lu7rVRc7BkTfqVeV11sikakmy
  • PHC: PN15tVizQaogpAVTxk4mzycNQ16ku8jvRe