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node.js Zooz payment gateway integration library
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Zooz Payment gateway node.js integration library

The library exposes API calls from both

  • zooz extended server API
  • zooz web mobile API


var ZoozGateway = require('node-zooz').gateway;

var apiKeys = {
  "extendedServer": {
    "developerId": "",
    "serverAPIKey": "111111111"
  "web": {
    "ZooZUniqueID": "",
    "ZooZAppKey": "w2353453245234534"

var zgw = new ZoozGateway(apiKeys);

zgw.openTransaction(1000, 'GBP', 'userId_1', 'REF#1', function(err, token){
  console.log('TOKEN', token);


#ctor(apiKeys, [httpClient], [transactionMapper], [opts])

  • apiKeys: object containing keys as described above
  • httpClient: a http.request compatible function
  • transactionMapper: a mapper?
  • opts: object with the following (but optional) keys
    logger: #function that will passed a string, or object, really for debugging
    sandboxMode: #[bool] if true will use zooz sandbox urls
    webUrl: #override for web mobile request url
    extendedServerUrl: #override for extended server request url
    config: #overide any found options as seen in./


npm test

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