vagrant-puppet based dev environment for open source e-commerce systems (Magento, OXID, Shopware)
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Open Source E-Commerce Development Environment

This config makes it easy to start with OXID CE or Magento CE development or evaluate those Open Source E-Commerce systems.

It will setup a virtual machine based on Oracle's VirtualBox including everything you need to run OXID CE or Magento CE.

Available Vagrant Boxes

  • Ubuntu Precise 32
  • soon: Ubuntu Precise 64


  1. Install Vagrant & VirtualBox
  2. Clone this repository and update submodules (git submodule init && git submodule update)
  3. configure vagrantfile through vagrantconfig.yaml
  4. Execute the command vagrant up within a vagrant/$box folder
  5. That's it. It'll take some time when executing this command the first time. It'll download the Vagrant base box once and install all required packages.
  6. Don't forget to update your local hosts file. You have to add "apache.oxidce" as well as "apache.magece" and "apache.shopware".

The bootup process automatically creates a special mysql database (either "oxid", "magento" or "shopware") which you can refer to in the installation screen of the respective shop system.


Start your browser and open "http://apache.oxidce" or "http://apache.magece" or "http://apache.shopware/installation" after installation. You'll see the installation screen of the shop system.

Installed Packages

Support for Enterprise Editions

Currently this Development Environment doesn't support the Enterprise Editions of the shop software as those are only available when licensed. If you want a great dev environment for your Enterprise Edition, please feel free to contact us.


Let us know if you miss something. Feel free to open pull requests for further improving this package.


A big thanks goes to the creators of the Piwik Dev Environment who inspired this package.