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Python beginners course



  • Introduction to programming in Python
    • Presentation about what Python is
    • Live-coding demo (run a programme, for loops, indentation, comments, functions, if/elif/else statements, while loops, conditionals)
    • Hands-on robot programming
  • Explanation of Python use-cases within ING
    • Fraud detection models
    • Chat-bot
    • Look Ahead



  • Presentation of Innovation KPI's (Robbert van Genuchteren)
  • Introduction to Jupyter notebooks
    • How to execute cells
    • Edit/view mode
  • Introduction to exercises
    • Think about what a cell is going to do before executing it.
    • Ask questions if you're stuck
    • Show your answers if you were able to solve a question
  • Hands-on session on NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Scikit.
  • Closing remarks
    • Material will still be available after course
    • Think about how to use Python within your team, put it in your KPI's
    • ...

To do before 8th January

  • Order lunch & drinks (Bjorn)
  • Print cheat-sheet for robot programming
  • Prepare Python use-case presentation (Bjorn to ask Remco/Yuriy, Wouter)
  • Prepare introduction to Jupyter Notebooks/Afternoon session (Kei Weong)
  • Prepare closing remarks (tips/tops/picture/material remains available/...) (Bjorn)
  • Arrange power situation @ room (Bjorn)
  • Prepare live coding demo for robot (Bjorn & Wouter)
  • Invite extra people (Bjorn)
  • Create time schedule and send it to everyone @ 2nd of January (Wouter)
  • Review Matplotlib & Scikit notebook (Bjorn)
  • Review Scikit notebook (Wouter)
  • Prepare KPI presentation (Robbert)
  • Test the Binder connection
  • Add Matplotlib challenge answer
  • Add Scikit answers

Binder link:

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