bss-util v0.4.7 Binaries

@blackhole12 blackhole12 released this Feb 9, 2017

These are precompiled binaries, symbols, and source code for bss-util v0.4.7 for both Windows and POSIX compatible systems.

  • AVL tree Insert now returns a pointer on success or null on failure
  • Added Gauss–Legendre quadrature for approximating integrals
  • Added C-style object functions to delegate.h
  • Added Set() to DynArray and Array
  • Fixed up headers and #defines so bss-util builds and runs under Linux Subsystem for Windows
  • Fixed GetNear on TRBTree
  • Add GetAttribute() helper functions to cXML.h
  • Improve FixedPt class to work on 64-bits with minimal precision loss
  • Added case-insensitive Trie implementation
  • Optimized zero length arrays for UBJSON
  • Fixed bug in UTF8 to UTF32 conversion
  • Removed outdated leaktest.h
  • Added SSE fallback for dealing with compilers or architectures that don't support SSE
  • Project now compiles using clang under visual studio
  • Added TOML parser/serializer under cTOML.h
  • Made a few minor improvements to JSON parsing/serializing
  • Added auxiliary binsearch function
  • Added Capacity()/Length() to cTrie
  • Added helper functions to cHash
  • Added RWlock, a readers-writer lock.
  • Added defer(), a function that defers another function or delegate until the end of the block
  • Moved cAutoRef to cRefCounter.h and renamed to ref_ptr<>
  • Made greedy allocator threadsafe
  • Replaced Ring Allocator's reader writer lock with RWLock