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-[B]NOTE:[/B] Skin requires XBMC version 20111003-fc543cb or later
+[B]NOTE:[/B] Install the XBMC Eden Beta 2 before installing this skin
+• Added new metro homescreen
+• Added some icons + psd for metro home screen custom items
+• Added polish language (thanks to slawekebi)
+• Added new default textviewer dialog layout
+• Added option to disable watch list and random items script
+• Added finish time to pause label
+• Added truehd flag
+• Added automatic setting of label & icon if add-on path is set as custom home item
+• Updated icon
+• Updated Dutch language file
+• Updated duration label width for music list view
+• Changed logo downloader to artwork downloader
+• Fixed weather/clock info not moving to bottom if controls on top
+• Fixed sluggish scrolling in wall view
+• Fixed label indentation for episode title in banner list view if (un)watched overlays disabled
+• Fixed missing label for poster view on season level
+• Fixed on left from home to search
+• Usual small fixes
• Added Hungarian language (thanks to cortez44)

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