Applescript/Perl scripts that add Doxygen documentation blocks to Xcode source files
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Xcode version [REDACTED] does not implement a built-in script menu.

This suite of scripts is intended to bridge that gap in functionality until it is implemented in Xcode version [REDACTED].  Specifically, it allows users to document their source files using Doxygen.

(1) Download the files from the repository.
(2) Move the file Xcode-Doxyscript-Class to ~/Library/Scripts/Xcode
(2a) Move the file DoxyScriptLib to any location you like
(3) Enable the Script menu by in AppleScript Editor -> Preferences
(4) Move the file to any location you desire.
(5) Edit Xcode-Doxyscript-Class AppleScript file to update the following lines:
    set scriptLibraryPath to POSIX file path-to-DoxyScriptLib-file
    set shellScriptPath to

(1) Currently the scripts contain only an example to document the class declaration.  More functionality is planned.
(2) Go to the header file you wish to document.
(3) Highlight the @interface line
(4) Select the Xcode-Doxyscript-Class script from the script menu.
(5) Fill in the details in the documentation block.