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The BlackBerry® Community Wiki

Content in this Community Wiki is authored collectively by the community under the following Terms and Conditions. Some of the content is authored by individuals who are RIM employees and ...appropriate disclaimer goes here...

This Wiki is currently hosted at GitHub and implemented using Pages (Overview, Help). The Wiki is not using the Page Generator but rather uses Jekyll and the gh-pages machinery. The location of this wiki and the technology used may change over time, but the content and the contribution structure will remain.

Start page is (temporarily) at

A summary of the Contribution Opportunities is available at the Contribute Wiki page.

Basic structure

  • Each Wiki entry is a Markdown page
  • A page uses a layout (via Jekyll) based on the type of entry.
  • Common definitions are kept in and other files in the _includes directory.
  • GitHub issues are used to track requests.
  • Git Forks are used to implement workflow (and to try new features).

Teams / Roles

The following teams collaborate to create the Wiki:

  • A very small team of Administrators that keeps the Wiki working.
  • A dedicated team of Editors that keeps the integrity and consistency of the pages. All Administrators are Editors.
  • A (we hope) large team of Contributors that provides content for the pages.
  • The rest of the community.

How To...

Make Changes to a Page

Change the page directly. This can be done in-place (see [1], [2] and [3]) for small changes or through a fork and a pull request for larger changes

Like editors, but use your judgement, specially as you start getting up-to-speed with the machinery and the conventions we are following. If you don't feel comfortable with Markdown or have any doubts, fork and do an explicit pull request.

Community Member
The simplest approach is to file an Issue with the desired change. Alternatively, fork the page, do the change and submit a pull request. We still need to finalize the legal details (see note below).

Legal Note - All contributions will be done under the Terms and Conditions, whose main goals are to ensure that the content can be reused and that the participants (including RIM) are legally protected.

Create a new Page

GitHub does not currently provide a way to create a new page directly in-browser, so all changes require cloning the repo into your workstation. Otherwise, the process is similar to the situation above, except that all changes are non-minor, and that new pages need to be assigned a layout. Usually a good way to create a new page is by forking an existing one.

Make Changes to a Layout

Contributor, Community Member
Fork, make changes, submit a pull request.

Get a review from at least one other editor.

Special Instructions for Editors and Contributors

You are responsible to review changes coming from the community members for content. And, depending on the details of the legal arrangement, you may need to review those too.

In general, when in doubt, get feedback from additional people.

Staging Area

We use a workflow similar to those used by WebWorks and Gaming via a BlackBerry-Community organization. Issues are kept in the Community repo in that organization.

Individual members of the community host their own repositories, for example:

Status of this Initiative

Eduardo has an initial version that will be reviewed by a first group of volunteers.