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BlackBox Vision

We help startups and big companies in the creation of experiences so they can connect with their users through high impact Digital Products development.

We create digital experiences to make your idea come true

We’re BlackBox Vision, a technology lovers team, that believes in it as an engine to drive change.

We help startups and large companies in the creation of experiences, to connect with their users through the development of high-impact Digital Products.


  1. react-native-mercadopago-px react-native-mercadopago-px Public

    🚀 MercadoPago PX bridge for react-native

    Kotlin 102 25

  2. react-qr-reader react-qr-reader Public

    React component for QR Scanning on web using Zxing library

    TypeScript 52 10

  3. react-admin-extensions react-admin-extensions Public

    Packages for improving your development workflow with react admin

    TypeScript 30 16

  4. react-native-live-stories react-native-live-stories Public

    An Instagram like component to preview and render stories with videos

    TypeScript 19 1

  5. next-google-dfp next-google-dfp Public

    🚀 Integrate Google Double Click for Publishers in Next.js with ease

    TypeScript 16 7

  6. next-google-analytics next-google-analytics Public

    🚀 Integrate Google Analytics in Next.js with ease

    TypeScript 7


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