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@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated Quick Example (markdown) 93800dc
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated Files (markdown) d00017f
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated Home (markdown) d0df2bd
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.1.0 1ec638e
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.1.0 df8dafc
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.1.0 368b32a
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.0.2 82a3def
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.0.2 6fe1574
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated and fixed self:setupLayers. 299889a
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.0.1 ab92fda
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.0.1 36c1540
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.0.0 released e26b727
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 1.0.0 90a612b
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated Changelog (markdown) bff6409
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Added 1.0's current changes. Note that 1.0 is unreleased as of now. c0e7a08
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Actually, lib/middleclass is required. 99db86a
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Converted H3 to H2. abe8c48
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated setupLayers with the new (optional) callback syntax. 5103359
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Added ammo-assets. bf1487e
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Removed functions which move elements around. 3dcaee1
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Most of LinkedList documented. 707ee25
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Fixed initialize's parameters being on one line. 544fcb4
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated Home (markdown) 2a38383
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated properties, and the description of ammo.update. b5f0de9
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Removed width/height properties, and removed position/size related functions. 3a53e05
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Removed filters. 3071b57
@qaisjp qaisjp Added ammo.default documentation cf744e8
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV 0.2.3 b268c14
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Updated Home (markdown) 28b2ffd
@BlackBulletIV BlackBulletIV Formatting changes. 258320e
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