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A few experimental classes for benchmarking in AS3.
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This is a collection of three experimental ActionScript 3.0 classes for benchmarking. They are for collecting information about FPS rates and processing times. There's not much documentation at the moment, as I'm not really doing much with them right now. Here's a list of the classes with their names and a description:

FPSTracker This class collects information about the FPS rate in your movie. It stores each second's rate and then provides methods for extracting and comparing different aspects of the data collected.
FPSVisualizer This class goes along side FPSTracker and provides a visual element for visualizing some of the data that FPSTracker is collecting.
TimeTracker This class tracks the time it takes to get things done. You capture points in time, which belong to sets of capture points. You can then compare which sets took longer and other things about the data collected.
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