This is my version of the Lua TextMate bundle. I've taken it and added support for the libraries I use a lot in Lua. These are MiddleClass, Telescope, and the LÖVE engine.
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This bundle is a modified version of the Lua bundle for TextMate. It contains support for the libraries I use most in Lua. These are listed in the following sections. In addition, it provides snippets for compound operators like +=, -=, ++, etc., and a couple snippets for efficient bitwise shifts. I've also modified a number of things in it to conform to the way I like it.

LÖVE game engine

Features include:

  • Highlighting for Love modules, classes, functions and enums.
  • Run the game. If you're editing in a project, focus can be on any file, otherwise you must execute this on the main.lua or any other top level file. Shortcut is Command+R.
  • Build a .love file. Same rules apply for file focus as running the game. This command will place a file called "" in your project folder. Shortcut is Command+B.
  • Look up phrase on the Love2D wiki. For example, highlight "love.physics" in TextMate, execute the command and you'll be taken to wiki page for the module in your browser.
  • Search phrase(s) on the Love2D forums. Highlight the keywords you want to search in TextMate and execute the command.
  • Snippets for the love.* callbacks.

This is all contained in a separate scope, named


Current features for this are three snippets:

  • One really handy one for declaring a class.
  • One for defining a method (this can be used outside of MiddleClass).
  • One for making a mixin.


Lots of snippets for this one! It has snippets for...

  • All the assert_* and assert_not_* functions (except for assert_less_than, assert_greater_than and those types - as I think those are better done by using stuff like assert_true(x < y)).
  • before, setup, after, and teardown.
  • context and describe.
  • test, it, and should.