a scraper of furaffinity.net written with python
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FurAffinity Scraper


A scraper to furaffinity.net written with python. Uses BeautifulSoup to parse html and cfscrape to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page.

Any issues/pull requests are welcomed.

Project directory generally structs below:

├── fa.py                   command-line tool to scrape furaffinity.net
├── fa_scraper              fa_scraper module
│   ├── constant.py             global constant definition
│   ├── database.py             database module
│   ├── __init__.py             init
│   ├── parse.py                parser module
│   ├── scrapy.py               scraper module
│   └── util.py                 utility functions
├── fa_scraper.db           database(generate by fa.py)
├── fa_scraper.log          log file(generate by fa.py)
├── images                  downloaded images(generate by fa.py)
├── LICENSE                 license
├── README.md               readme
├── requirements.txt        dependencies
└── scraper.cache           cache used to resume(generate by fa.py)


I don't want to make any misunderstanding here. And this scraper is ONLY used to learn network scrapying.

Setting scrapy-interval to a small value will lead to heavy burden on servers, which is ABSOLUTELY IMMORAL. Think twice before trying to use it.


Python 3.6+, Sqlite 3.22.0.

Node.js is also required for cf-scrape.

Other dependencies are listed in requirements.txt.


  1. Clone the repository by git clone https://github.com/BlackDragonF/FurAffinityScraper
  2. Install dependencies by running pip install -r requirements.txt, you may consider using virtualenv
  3. Make sure sqlite and node.js are installed
  4. Execute command python fa.py to start the scraper with default arguments


usage: fa.py [OPTIONS]

A scraper of furaffinity.net written with python.

optional arguments:
-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-m {default,update}, --scrapy-mode {default,update}
                        sets scrapying mode, default: default
--expire-time EXPIRE_TIME
                        sets expire time(days) for scrapied images, default:
                        sets sleep interval(seconds) between two network
                        requests, default: 60
-c COOKIES, --cookies COOKIES
                        specify the user cookies(json format file) to be used,
                        needed if you want to scrape as login status
--begin-url BEGIN_URL
                        begin sub-URL to replace default "/",
                        "/user/blackdragonf" for example
--skip-check          skip integrity check(ONLY works in default mode)
                        between database and images
--log-level {debug,info,warning,error,fatal}
                        sets verbosity level for console log messages,
                        default: info


To specify cookies to scrape in login state please add --cookies/-c COOKIES_FILE_NAME in command-line arguments.

cookies file is a serialized json file which looks like:

    "name1": "value1",
    "name2": "value2",
    "name3": "value3"

You may use your web browser/web browser extension to get cookies of furaffinity.net.


MIT License(c) 码龙黑曜/CoSidian