MailChimp gem with support for all the monkey APIs. **ALPHA RELEASE**
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Mailchimp is a simple API wrapper public Mailchimp APIs.

This is heavily based on and, and adds support for the private beta release of Mandrill.

While this works for some simple use cases, it comes with warranty of any kind and may not work for your needs yet!

We welcome bug reports and pull requests, and will remove the .alpha label from this gem once we are confident that it should work out of the box for most usage scenarios.


    # This supercedes uakari and gibbon
    $ gem install mailchimp --pre


A MailChimp account, MailChimp API key, and any extra setup/keys for other services/APIs that you want to use.

##Basic Usage

See README-api.markdown for details about the API class, which supersedes the Gibbon Gem

    api      ="your_api_key")

See README-sts.markdown for details about the STS class, which supersedes the Uakari Gem

    sts      ="your_api_key")

See README-mandrill for details about the Mandrill class

    mandrill ="your_api_key")


Take a look in the examples/ folder for examples using each of the APIs. The only actions these perform are either read only or only send emails to you or the address you specify, so it's ok to use your real Mailchimp API keys for them. run them like:

    ruby examples/api_example.rb
    ruby examples/sts_example.rb
    ruby examples/mandrill_example.rb

Other Stuff

API calls default to a 30 second timeout. You can optionally set your own timeout (in seconds) like so:

api ="apikey", timeout: 60)
api.timeout = 5
api.listBatchSubscribe(list_id: "123", batch: [1..7000], timeout: 300) #per-request will override default


Write tests before you change anything, run tests before you commit anything:

    $ rake test

We welcome concise pull requests that match the style of this gem and have appropriate tests. To get a console running where you can play, run:

    $LOAD_PATH.unshift(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'lib'))
    require 'mailchimp'


See CONTRIBUTORS.markdown for the people that have contributed in some way to this Gem