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Appoint Font


The easiest font setting extension.

Supported browsers and platforms


How does it work?

It works by dynamically generating @font-face rules and injecting them into the page.

Does it break web fonts?

This extension will not break web fonts, unless the corresponding web font is already installed locally.

The font I wanted to use didn't work, while other fonts did.

Chromium-based browsers have issues with font support, which causes some local fonts to not be used in @font-face.

Upon research, new font technologies such as variable fonts do not seem to trigger the issue. Popular fonts usually release their variable font versions, it is recommended that you download and install the latest version of them.

Some sites do not respect my rules.

This is most likely because these sites do not have font styles, or only generic fonts in the styles are actually used by browsers.

These issues can be solved by simply modifying the browser's font settings.

This extension will not help you modify your browser's font settings, as browsers and other extensions already provide better user interfaces: