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A utility for database migrations with better-sqlite3.

The module using user_version to record the schema version.


npm install --save @blackglory/better-sqlite3-migrations
# or
yarn add @blackglory/better-sqlite3-migrations


interface IMigration {
  version: number
  up: string | ((db: Database) => void)
  down: string | ((db: Database) => void)

You may need migration-files.


function migrate(db: Database, migrations: IMigration[], targetVersion?: number): void

If targetVersion is undefined, then use the maximum version of migrations.


Can multiple instances migrate in parallel?

Yes, the user_version update is visible to every database connection. When the maximum migration version is less than the user_version (which means it is an obsolete instance), it will skip the migration.

You may need a proper retry strategy, because each migration uses BEGIN IMMEDIATE to ensure that parallel write transactions fail early.