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Mathematica Toolkit Examples

This repository contains Mathematica notebooks that give examples of how to use various packages and data in the Toolkit. Example notebooks include:

Notebook name Description
KerrGeodesics.nb Demonstrates functions that are part of the KerrGeodesics package.
PostNewtonianSelfForce.nb Examples of how to work with the PostNewtonianSelfForce package
Teukolsky.nb Examples of functions in the Teukolsky package.
Kerr_quasi-circular_flux_inspiral.nb Use the energy flux data and the KerrGeodesics package to compute a quasi-circular inspiral into a Kerr black hole.
High_spin_fluxes.nb Compute radiated energy flux from a particle in the near-horizon regime of a near-extremal Kerr black hole. This uses the SpinWeightedSpheroidalHarmonics package.
Fluxes_PN_vs_numerical.nb Compare PN and numerical calculations of the radiated flux for circular orbits. The PN coefficients are loaded from the PostNewtonianSelfForce package and the flux data comes from the CircularOrbitSelfForce repository.
SWSH_high_frequency.nb Compute high frequency expansion for the eigenvalue and eigenfunctions of the spin-weighted spheroidal equation