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A little GNU/Linux software for vocal recognition and execution of arbitrary vocal commands
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This is BlackLight's and evilsocket's vocal recognitor, and it's damn cool. You teach him
what to do, you say it with your voice, it does it.

Usage: vocal [-d <device>] [-a] [-c <file>] [-h]
        -d <device>     Use a different device instead the default one (/dev/dsp)
	-a		Append a new vocal sample with an associated command
	-c <file>	Use a different rc file (default: ~/.vocalrc)
	-h		This help

To teach the application a new vocal sample, just launch it with -a option.
You will be asked to say something (at most 2 seconds) and, after a pair of
seconds, the DCT will be calculated on that sample, saved and you will be
asked to type a command to associate to that sample. Then, you can launch
the program just typing ./vocal, and say again what you recorded *AS SIMILAR
AS POSSIBLE TO THE ORIGINAL SAMPLE*. If everything goes alright, your command
will be executed.

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