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This is a geography inspired trivia game
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This is a geography inspired trivia game. It was inspired by the B-52 song, Roam. The game is designed to test the user's knowledge of geopgraphy.

The Rules of the Game Is As Follows:

  1. User gets to the first block and is asked to participate
  2. if user clicks yes then it goes shows the questions
  3. user gets 330 seconds to answer 15 questions
    • the time would show up on top
    • if they choose the right answer, then they get a point, if not they get nothing
    • the game would keep track of the answers given
    • have the questions show up randomly through the API
    • user would have to answer all of the questions
  4. If the user finishes all of the questions and submits the questions in the time frame
    • then a div of the total Tally shows up
    • if the user runs out of time
      • the screen shows that they ran out of time and asks them to play again.
  5. The game resets itself
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