Experimental ransomware for Windows 7+ with AES-256 support
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Arescrypt - (stable) v1.00

Experimental ransomware using Bitcoin/Litecoin/Zcash

A project by: Willy Fox, @BlackVikingPro and DeadPatch, @LucidScorpion

What is Arescrypt?

Arescrypt is the latest project (as of 12/18/2017) in a malware framework that I call Ares. Arescrypt is special in it's own way, packing in an all-in-one (encryption/verification/decryption) ransomware tool; designed specially for the Windows OS.

Unique Abilities

Well, Arescrypt is one of my first large-scale ransomware malware's I've ever hand-crafted. So, I tried going all out for it, in hopes that it may be developed better in time. However, some of the abilities this ransomware has are as follows:

  • All-in-one (encryption, verification, and decryption) of files.
  • Unique API calls to configurable server (standalone PHP script included)
  • Information stored in DAT (configuration) file - obfuscated too ;)
  • Extensive configuration file
  • Sandboxing capabilities

Build Requirements:

Some of these may not be required, but they do help in development

Other requirements:

  • Webserver with php7.0 installed
  • MySql database
  • Moderate understanding of C-Sharp (C#) and PHP - I can't guarantee 100% stability as of now

Build Status

Travis Build Status


  • Add file hashsums checker
  • Clean/straighten-out code to make for easier development
  • Find better way to obfuscase DAT file (currently using Binary Reader/Writer)
  • Extend testing and platform capabilities


This software/framework was NOT designed for improper use. I do NOT conduct nor condone illegal/restricted use of this software. I am NOT responsible for actions carried out by any user of this software/framework. This is available as a free software for personal/commercial use.