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Pinax is an open-source platform built on the `Django Web Framework`_.
By integrating numerous reusable Django apps to take care of the things
that many sites have in common, it lets you focus on what makes your
site different.
While our initial development was focused around a demo social
networking site, Pinax is suitable for a wide variety of websites. We
are working on number of editions tailored to intranets, event
management, learning management, software project management and more.
At this stage, there is:
- openid support
- email verification
- password management
- site announcements
- a notification framework
- user-to-user messaging
- friend invitation (both internal and external to the site)
- a basic twitter clone
- oembed support
- gravatar support
- interest groups (called tribes)
- projects with basic task and issue management
- threaded discussions
- wikis with multiple markup support
- blogging
- bookmarks
- tagging
- contact import (from vCard, Google or Yahoo)
- photo management
@@@ not updated for 0.7 yet
and much more coming...
History and Background
You can learn more about the history and motivation for Pinax in an
`interview with James Tauber on This Week in Django`_ as well as his
`talk on Pinax at DjangoCon 2008`_ and `talk on Pinax at PyCon 2009`_.
.. _`Django Web Framework`:
.. _`interview with James Tauber on This Week in Django`:
.. _`talk on Pinax at DjangoCon 2008`:
.. _`talk on Pinax at PyCon 2009`:
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