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A framework for multi-device web applications. In development.

Installation & Usage

For installation instructions and first steps visit the Wiki.


You can find first steps and an API overview in the Wiki. The documentation of the Objective-C code can be found in ConnichiwaDocs/native and the documentation for the JS library can be found in ConnichiwaDocs/weblib. Both documentations are not ready for use yet and are only considered complete on releases.

Used Projects

Connichiwa is based on a number of open source projects and tools. A particularly large "thank you" to the people who work on great open source projects in their free time and making something like Connichiwa possible.

  • The underlying HTTP server is based on GCDWebServer
  • The underlying websocket server is based on BLWebSocketsServer
  • The documentation in ConnichiwaDocs/native is based on appledoc and supported by VVDocumenter-Xcode and Objective-Clean
  • The documentation in ConnichiwaDocs/weblib is based on jsdoc and supported by jshint and jscs.
    • The documentation's theme in ConnichiwaDocs/jsdoc/theme is a customized version of the default jsdoc3 theme.
  • JavaScript code minification and sourcemap creation was done with uglifyjs.
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer data is grabbed using gyro.js
  • What web-project would be complete without recognizing the awesome jQuery


A framework for local multi-device web applications



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