First Steps: Prepare Connichiwa

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In order to run an application with Connichiwa, you need the following:

  • A Mac with XCode (for now)
  • At least one iOS device running either iOS 7 or iOS 8 (for now)

Please note that we are actively working on removing the Apple dependencies. If you are not a a Mac user, please check back in a few weeks.

How does it work?

In order for your web application to detect other devices, Connichiwa needs help by iOS. This is why a Connichiwa application is deployed as an iOS app through XCode. Sounds difficult? It's not. With our example application you can get your web application running in a matter of minutes. Connichiwa will take care of the rest - running the webserver, notifying your app of other devices and handling connections and communications to other devices.

##Step 1: Get the template project The easiest way to create a Connichiwa application is to use the template application. It is a single-view iPhone and iPad application with a fullscreen webview that displays Connichiwa.

  1. Download the template application
  2. Double-click ConnichiwaExampleApplication.xcodeproj
  3. Put everything related to your web application into the www folder. To get there, right-click it in XCode and select Show in Finder. Every file put into this folder will automatically be detected by XCode and copied to your iOS device.
  4. Deploy the application to an iOS device

Connichiwa works like any other webserver: If you put a file image.jpg in your www folder it will be available to your application under /image.jpg.

Important: The paths /connichiwa, /connichiwa-scripts and /remote are reserved by Connichiwa and should never be part of your application.

Step 2: Start Developing!

You are ready to create a Connichiwa web application! A first step-by-step example application can be found at First Steps: Your First Connichiwa Application.

If you want to get right into the API, we recommend a look at First Steps: API Overview. A technical documentation of the API can be found at Short API Documentation.

Need more flexibility?

If you want more control and build the Framework by yourself, check Building Connichiwa from Source

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