What is Connichiwa?

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The Connichiwa Framework allows you to create web applications that detect, connect to and use nearby devices. It currently runs on iOS, but can be ported to other platforms in the future. You need at least one iOS device to run the web application, but any device can connect through any ordinary web browser. This makes it possible to create cross-device web applications that work on mobile and desktop computers of any kind.

Running an application

To run a Connichiwa-based web application follow our [our instructions](First Steps: Create a Connichiwa Application). You copy your web application into XCode and deploy it to your iOS device through XCode. Connichiwa will create a webserver and run the application automatically. Other devices can then connect in several ways:

  • Other iOS devices running Connichiwa will be detected automatically and reported to your web application. If you connect to them, Connichiwa will handle the handshake and launch your application on the remote device fully automated
  • Other Mac OS X computers running the Connichiwa Client for Mac will be automatically detected, reported and connected in the same way
  • Other devices need to be in the same network (either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) as the device running the application. They can then join through any web browser by opening the URL http://IP:8000/remote, where IP is the IP of the device running the application

Programming with Connichiwa

When you run your web application as described in [our instructions](First Steps: Create a Connichiwa Application), Connichiwa will provide a JavaScript API that allows you to easily be notified of detected, connected, lost devices and show or update content on them. For getting started, see First Steps: Your First Connichiwa Application.

For an overview of the Connichiwa JavaScript API, have a look at First Steps: API Overview and the Short API Documentation.

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