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This file documents the Crowbar smoketest framework
The smoketest framework lives on the admin node, and consists of:
* smoketest
This is the front-end to the in-cluster side of the smoketest framework.
It takes a single parameter, which is the name of a barclamp to smoketest.
* check_ready
This checks to see if a node had transitioned to a given state.
smoketest uses it internally.
* run_on
This runs a command on a given node as root.
* knife_node_find
This is a very thin and stupid wrapper around knife search node.
* name_to_ip
This translates an hostname into an IP address.
* parse_yml_or_json
This is a cheesy little function that parses yml (or JSON), extracts
fields of interest, and prints them in a form suitable for bash's eval.
The smoketest command works like this:
* Your admin node is in the ready state, and the
rest of the nodes are in discovered.
* You run /opt/dell/bin/smoketest nova (for example).
* smoketest allocates all the nodes, and waits for them to transition
to ready. If any node transitions to problem, the smoketest fails.
* Once all the nodes are in ready state, smoketest will examine the barclamp
metadata for all installed barclamps. It will then deploy and test all the
barclamps needed to meet the dependencies of the barclamp to test, including
* The output from all the tests along with the proposals that were created,
modified, and deployed will be saved in /var/log/smoketests.
* If any deploys or tests fail, the smoketest fails.
Writing Barclamp Smoketests
Barclamp smoketests consists of three parts:
* Smoketest Metadata.
This consists of metadata in the barclamp's crowbar.yml that declares any
smoketest-specific barclamp dependencies and an overall timeout that the
smoketest for this barclamp cannot exceed. The smoketests use the
following metadata:
* barclamp.requires and smoketest.requires
Any barclamps that are in these arrays will be deployed and smoketested
before the current smoketest.
* barclamp.member
This is used to satisfy group dependencies if a group is listed as
a dependency in the barclamp.requires and smoketest.requires.
* smoketest.timeout
This is the number of seconds that a smoketest can run before the
framework decides that it is never going to finish and returns failure.
* smoketest/modify-json
This executable should accept the proposal JSON on stdin, make whatever
changes are needed to let it run in the framework (changing free space
requirements, replication factors, etc), and write the modified JSON to
* smoketest/*.test
These executables should each perform a discrete test of the barclamp. The
smoketest framework will run them in ascending order, and the first test
that exits with a nonzero status will signal that the overall smoketest
for this barclamp failed, and the framework will stop processing further
tests. The framework does not care what language the tests are written in,
as long as the build/test system can run them.
The smoketest framework arranges for the crowbar CLI and the framework
helper commands to be available during the run. Any output from the test
hooks will be captured and logged.
Any other files will be ignored by the smoketest framework -- you can use them
for shared libraries, templates, etc. as the needs of your smoketest require.
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