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Build system TODO:

Arrange for auto-shrinking Redhat install images.

We do not need all the packages on the iso.

Arrange for the test framework to ask the admin node what packages it has installed.

Modify the build framework to use that info to regen a smaller yum repo.

Push tests into the barclamps.

Make test run mostly in dependency order

Have all tests have a deploy and test phase.

Will need to turn the test framework into a library.

Allow the build to output packages (tarballs for now)

Alongside of the iso?

In place of?

Or make the iso deploy using the generated tarballs…

Perhaps generate native packages as well?

Fix common non-Crowbar related test framework failures

Apache softlocks on Ubuntu in KVM

Sometimes seen on native hardware

Only fix is reboot, maybe restart deploy.

Not as fatal as it used to be since we transitioned to Rainbows.

Couchdb dying on Redhat

Short-term just have a script watch pidof couchdb and kick it when it dies.

Longer term use bluepill or god.

Couchdb needs GC’ed

Set up a cron job to do that.

Teach Jenkins and the build system how to update submodule references.

Main CI step

Smoketest with appropriate test for each barclamp checkin.

Only update submodule ref in main repo once smoketest passes.

Need to write more smoketests.

Add SHA1sums to all raw file info in crowbar.yml.

We need protection from incomplete/corrupt downloads and the like.