Chef cookbook to generate common Nginx proxy configurations
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Generates basic config files for common Nginx proxy situations.



  • nginx


Debian or Ubuntu - Other platforms are untested.


  • simple_forward - if true, do a simple port 80 forward. Default is false.

  • conf_dir - location to drop the Nginx config files. Default is based on platform.

  • simple forwards - an array of hashes: listen_port - Port for the Nginx server to listen on. server_name - Server name for the proxy to listen on. destination_url - Destination for proxied connections.

    Example in JSON:

    forward_servers: [{ listen_port:"80", server_name:"", destination_url:"" }, { listen_port:"85", server_name:"", destination_url:"" }]

  • listen_port - Port for the Nginx server to listen on. default is 80

  • ssl_port - Port to listen on for secure connections. Default 443

  • terminate_ssl - Boolean - if true, terminate SSL at this proxy. Default false.

  • ssl_certificate - SSL certificate path

  • ssl_certificate_key - SSL certificate key path


Intended to be a skeleton to quickly spin up an Nginx proxy server. The first use case will be a simple forwarding proxy, both with and without caching. However, this should be relatively simple to build upon.

Note - the defaults are meant to be overridden in roles or elsewhere - they are not particularly useful other than to allow the nginx server to start.

The second case is an SSL terminating proxy, and requires the ssl_certificate and ssl_certificate_key to be set.