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This repository contains the source code for the Blackfynn MATLAB client.

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The Blackfynn MATLAB client can be installed using three methods:

  1. Using the MATLAB Toolbox installer (recommended)
  2. Compiling and installing toolbox locally
  3. Working directly from the sourcecode

1. Downloading and installing toolbox (recommended)

In order to install the latest release of the MATLAB client,follow the instructions on the Matlab quickstart quide: MATLAB installation guide. This method automatically handles the Java dependencies and adds the client to the MATLAB path.

2. Installing toolbox from source code

  1. Download, or checkout the source code from the source code repository MATLAB client repository
  2. (Only for download) Extract contents of the downloaded file into a folder
  3. Modify the [MATLAB_LOC] variable in the script to point to your local MATLAB executable.
  4. Run the setup script:
>> cd setup
>> ./
  1. Open the resulting toolbox installer to install the local toolbox.

3. Using toolbox directly from source code

Instead of installing the toolbox in MATLAB, you can also just point your MATLAB path to the root of the toolbox folder. This can be useful if you are actively developing functionality for the toolbox. Follow the first 4 steps of the previous section, skip step 5 and instead:

  1. Add the compiled JAVA libraries to your MATLAB static Java classpath:
>> cd(prefdir)
>> edit javaclasspath.txt

then add this lines (update path) and restart MATLAB:

  1. Add the path of the Blackfynn client folder to the MATLAB path or work from the toolbox folder. This can be done in MATLAB as follows:
>> addpath('/Users/preferred-path/blackfynn-matlab');

NOTE: For detailed information about changing the MATLAB java classpath, refer to the MATLAB Documentation.


For more details about the client, please refer to the documentation pages.