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Statement of values

We, the members of the Blackgate Foundation, value:


  • Humanity should strive to treat and provide for all people equally regardless of appearance, sexuality, gender, beliefs, ability or actions.
  • All people should be equally represented and no person fundamentally deserves to be better off than any other.

Science & openness

  • The pursuit of knowledge is a human instinct and a universal force for good.
  • There is value in sceptical, evidence-based and objective reasoning in the persuit of knowledge.
  • Knowledge should be made available to all of humanity. We should strive to build on existing work rather than doing work from scratch.
  • There is value in open processes and collective decision making - many eyes guard against injustices and inefficiencies.


  • Diversity is important in all things. Many opinions and diverse practices prevent stagnation, create risilience through redundancy and speed evolution and learning.
  • Centres of control should be diverse and small and subservient and answerable to all over whom they hold influence. Any decisions by such centres should be evidence based and open to discussion.
  • The interests of humanity should always come before those of any individual or group, particularly applies to corporate protectionism and nationalism.


  • Violence in all its forms is divisive and inflammatory and therefore always undesirable.
  • We renounce the glorification of violence and the use of violence to solve disputes.
  • It is in the interest of humanity to seek to understand and help those who act violently.

Evidence-based morality

  • Morality is not absolute. Moral guidelines should be formed through evidence-based reasoning.
  • There exist solid evidence-based arguments for the most universally accepted moral tenets.
  • "Bad" and "evil" are counter-productive concepts. Humanity should strive to avoid ultimately judging any person as either.


  • All human activity should continually strive to be sustainable. Notable examples are human impact on the environment and the global economy.